If not for profit, then for what?

Here is the excerpt from the Articles of Association (company’s constitution), that describes are objects:

The objects of To Be Happy C.I.C. are to carry on activities which benefit the community.

In particular to promote personal growth, self-reliance, entrepreneurship, liberty, independent thinking through education. We believe in utmost importance of freedom of choice of religion, beliefs and lifestyle.

We want people from all backgrounds to be well prepared to pursue and achieve happiness by providing them with knowledge, guidance, personal mentoring and encouragement in pursuit of wisdom and development of practical skills.

We believe in education that is personal, not institutional. Therefore we emphasize friendship, mutual respect, good communication and humour as important parts of the education process. We aim to use simple, friendly language to communicate that message.

The Company works with and provides services to people of any age, gender, language, culture and nationality, especially with those speaking English, Polish, Spanish and Russian languages.

The Company fulfils its goals by:

  1. creating and promoting educational content on internet, including podcasts, videocasts, internet radio, blogs, video games and life shows
  2. publishing books, CDs and other non-internet educational content
  3. organising social meetings and events that fulfil and promote goals of the Company
  4. providing personal mentoring, counselling and guidance to all that can benefit, in accordance to the mission of the Company
  5. creating schools, camps, workshops, lectures, classes and courses, both online and in physical form
  6. providing training, guidance and resources to all volunteers willing to work for the Company
  7. supporting other organisations or individuals who provide educational services