To Be Happy C.I.C.

We Learn To Be Happy!


Who are we?

To Be Happy C.I.C. is a non-profit community interest company. We create and run international educational projects, mostly on the Internet. We are a group of people who believe in education and freedom.


What do we do?

We create and promote educational content, including podcasts, internet radio, blogs, video games and life shows. We make it accessible to all. Free of charge!


Who runs the company?

The directors of the Company are Martin Lechowicz, who creates most of the content and Hubert Sebesta, who promotes that content. The company has 7 guarantors, who are responsible for the company and make most important decisions.

What have we done so far?

Our major project is podcast in Polish, where since 2006 Martin talks about the Bible. There is also blog (also in Polish).

What are we planning to do?

The next big project is a Traveling English School in Zaffaraya, Andalusia in summer 2024.

To Be Happy C.I.C. - We Learn To Be Happy!