To Be Happy Community Interest Company is a non-profit organization registered in England.
We create, promote and run international educational projects in Poland, Ukraine, Spain and in Internet (Internet is also a country – sort of).

That’s the boring, formal part. Who we really are is much simpler: we are bunch of friends who believe in education, freedom and pursuit of happiness. And we like to do something about it.

Currently our main projects are International Christian English Camp (for those who are young) and Odwyk podcast (for those who speak Polish).

This was our last language camp in Ukraine in the summer of 2023. It was organized as Grapevine Youth Camp 2023 and we – volunteers from To Be Happy – helped a lot!

Did you like it? This year we do it all on our own! Check out own next International Christian English Camp.


Bosses (company directors)

May they live happy and work hard!

Hubert Sebesta (lives in Sopot, Poland)
Martin Lechowicz (lives in Chesterfield, England)

Council of Elders (company guarantors)

Community Interest Company does not have owners, but guarantors. They are responsible for all we do and make all big decisions. To Be Happy C.I.C. has 7 guarantors.

Hubert Sebesta
(also a director)
Kazimierz Król
(very technical guy)
Artur Rutkowski
(IT guy – he has no sight, but he hears a lot)
Karolina Hordyjewicz
(music teacher)
Martin Lechowicz
(he started it all)
Jakób Kubacki
(hard working farmer)
Łukasz Marciniak
(takes care of finanses)


The core of our organization. They all work for To Be Happy. Unfortunatelly we cannot pay them, but we wish we could.

Adam Jankowski
Adriana Kozak
Artur Rutkowski
Damian Kołodziejczyk
Daniel Dziadak
Dominika Lechowicz
Ewa Sikora
Jakób Kubacki
Jakub Wąsek
Karol Izert
Karolina Hordyjewicz
Kazimierz Król
Kornel Dylski
Łukasz Listwan
Łukasz Marciniak
Marcin Mielcarski
Martin Lechowicz
Tomasz Maliński
Weronika Izert