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Backside of God

It will be great. But now it’s under construction. Nothing to see there yet.

Christian Language Camps for Youth

For young people from anywhere in the world. Organized by volunteers from To Be Happy.

Last year’s camp: Grapevine Youth Camp 2023

This year it’s 100% our camp – check it out!

Podcasts about God, Bible, life and universe. It’s all in Polish, so if you don’t speak it, bad news for you.

What you should probably like to know is that Odwyk is the longest running podcast in Polish in the world. It was created in 2006 by Martin Lechowicz and have been more than 600 episodes so far.

There are two additional podcasts – “Izba Wytrzeźwień” and “Dzień Kobiet”. Those are also in Polish though.

Check it out!

Dzień Kobiet podcast

A podcast about reality as seen through the eyes of women.

We discuss topics related to the female world, share our experiences and discoveries.

The programme is hosted by Dominika Lechowicz and Karolina Hordyjewicz.

Podcast in Polish.


Every year (sometime twice a year) listeners of Odwyk get together and go to sort of improvised camp with no formal organizer and no rules. It is spectacular. Barely controlled with no rules and no schedule at all, yet somehow it always works and is very much alive. Usually is happens in Poland in July or August. Sometimes it’s a day or two, sometimes it’s 2 weeks.

People from outside of Poland have been coming too recently. It’s always evolving.

Here’s OdwykCamp 2023 – check it out!

A blog about God, the Bible and real life. It has many authors. As most of this internet stuff, only in Polish. Sorry. Check it out!

A website dedicated to self-directed education. “Uniwersytet Nauki Samodzielnej” means: University of Studying on Your Own. The website and the content is in Polish. The mission behind this service is simple: to show the way of proactive learning in the most effectively way.

It’s radical change in the approach to learning comparing to standard schools: from active teacher and passive student to passing teacher and active student.

Due to lack of time, money and people we do not actively work on this project, but the idea is still the core of everything we do in To Be Happy.

Check it out!

“Wyzwanie” means “challenge” in Polish. To know what it is and how it works you need to check it out!