You can buy only one thing here: my time.

It’s time you can use for consultation, mentoring, having a talk, singing a song, playing a game. Whatever you need. It’s for you or for somebody else. If you feel I’ve already helped you, this is where you can show your gratitude.

Let’s make it simple: 1 hour = 25 EUR or 20 GBP.

How to pay?

You can choose to use PayPal (it does not work yet, it will soon).

Those links work if you are logged in, so make sure you are.

Bank transfer

If you want to send euro (EUR) use this bank account:

Nazwa: Liberty Media Ltd
IBAN: BE64 9670 6256 3952

If you live in United Kingdom and prefere to pay in pounds (GBP), there’s an option for you:

Nazwa: Liberty Media Ltd
Sort code: 23-14-70
Account: 37068129
IBAN: GB13 TRWI 2314 7037 0681 29

Alternative currencies

You can pay with Ripple (XRP) or Stellar (XLM).

Why those two? Both are extremally cheap to use as payments methods and very fast. Much better option than PayPal.

If you’ve sent me something, let me know so I know it’s from you.

Ripple (XRP)Stellar (XLM)
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