• What Motorcycles Teach About Happiness
    For 23 years I’ve been riding motorcycles. Mopeds mostly. Riding has always made me happy! For most motorcycle riders it’s not riding that makes them happy. It’s buying, showing off or escaping from the otherwise boring life. There are some other reasons. And all of them are OK. Whatever works for you! You enjoy wearing … Read more
  • Why do you always fail?
    Someone wrote to me today, this is what he wrote: I feel that I waste every single occasion, which life brings to me. It didn’t take me long to identify the source of the problem. This problem is common and is something that most people live with. That problem starts in school. This problem’s name … Read more
  • It’s Crap
    This blog has gone serious. It’s heavy stuff. In other words, it’s crap. How did that happen? I don’t know. I wrote three entries and instead of having fun, telling stories, sharing and bursting with enthusiasm, I found my place among the stars and from there farted out some heavy stuff. Nothing like a philosophy … Read more
  • Dances With Masks
    A new topic for MA theses in sociology has emerged: mask savoir vivre. People are trying to feel our how to behave in a company of gentlemen: to muzzle themselves or not to muzzle themselves? I experienced it while moving from Portsmouth to Southampton. Our landlord Kevin visited us the day before the removal. He … Read more
  • Introduction To Happiness
    You don’t expect anyone to make you happy, do you? You do? Oh, I think I understand: it’s a good solution for you, it’s available, it’s affordable and it sure is better than doing nothing. So you find supplies of some stuff that makes your life easier to endure: some pills, some books, a church, … Read more
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