About me

Martin in a hat on a chair

No matter what I write here you will always get a wrong idea about me.

It’s not your fault. It’s not mine either. The problem is that life is too long and a man too complex. The longer he lived, the more intense the journey was, the more difficult it is to write “about me” on a website.

Let me try a different approach. I will not write about me, I will write some facts from my history. That’s much easier.


I know a few languages. How did that happen? That’s an interesting story:

  • Polish – that was the language I was taught as a kid. No choice there. Not the most beautiful language in the world and hard as hell. No boring though.
  • English – I learnt that from my friends from USA. They had been organizing English language camps in Poland I owe lots my happiness to those people and those camps! I’ve been participating actively in that enterprise for 15 years, mainly as an interpreter. It was more than 30 camps so I had lots of opportunity to get to know closely and personally hundreds, hundreds of people, with their dreams, their fears, their problems. Mostly young people.
  • Russian – that came from my friends in Ukraine. The first time I went there it was to help with the camps over there. I’ve spent only few months in Ukraine, but it’s long enough to get the language. Don’t believe me? Try me.
  • Spanish – I’ve been living in Spain for two years. I’ve spent most of my time there on internet and with my computer. Shame on me. I’ve left right after the COVID hysteria started, as Spain turned into a one big nasty prison. Still, I like Spanish language a lot.


Education is a tricky thing, it’s not easy to define. To me education is a process of acquiring skills, knowledge and mindsets that make you wiser.

Time shows what serves as the best source of such defined education. Here’s my story:

  • Public schools – I’m glad if it did you any good, but in my case it was  complete waste of time. The knowledge I got there I would get myself anyways in 1/10 of that time. Apart from mediocre knowledge, it focused on training me to be a passive slave. I didn’t hate my high school, in fact I kind of like it. Time just made realize how useless and in fact harmful it turned out to be.
  • State university – What a disappointment! It was worse that the school. I’ve spent a year in the oldest university in Poland studying computer science. To say it was not worth it would be gross understatement.
  • Private college – I’ve spent 4 years in 2 private colleges. Wasn’t bad. I’ve learned quite a bit about management, marketing, economy, theory of groups, fundamentals of sociology and law. I’ve studied also computer programming, but it didn’t make much sense. I’ve been working and training myself during that time and it was much more effective.
  • Work – Now that’s where I’ve learnt my professional skills in programming, management, broadcasting, communication and many other areas I’m good at. It was practical, it was fast, and it was a challenge.
  • Friends – Culture, history, languages, life-management, leadership – you can learn at lot from your friends. Mostly the soft-skills. Do not underestimate them, they are the most valuable. Most of the languages I speak I mastered thanks to my friends.
  • Books – Learning from books is like learning from friends – except that most of those friends are dead. In those days videos are also great source of learning from friends, but I still recommend books. They are much more effective. What you can learn in an hour from a video, usually can be read in 5 minutes.
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